Location+ Intelligence in locations

Location+ helps banks, ATM ISOs, and IADs to find value-added locations for their ATMs. See how our location analytics solution can best serve you as part of your customer loyalty strategies and ATM site selection.


P1M1 Location+ is Simpler

Banks, ATM ISOs, and IADs utilize Location+ to discover where its customers most seek transaction in the physical world, and are able to drive major location-related initiatives at the optimum level, based on location data.

Best Locations for ATMs

Location+ provides an estimate on various transaction types, frequencies, on-us/not-on-us commission fees, alternative transaction revenue, cost of cash, depreciation, and CIT costs with the assistance of location-based algorithms

P1M1 Location+ is Better

By adding geographic location to business data and mapping it, banks, ATM ISOs, and IADs can now dramatically enhance their insights into tabular data and incorporate it into their alternative channel distribution set-ups and ATM placements.

Tier 1 Canadian Bank ATM Location Analytics and Optimization

35% increase in transactions and $ 840,000.00 yearly P&L revenue improvement

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