Cash+ Cash Optimization & Forecasting

Cash+ is an advanced, cloud-based cash analytics software for ATMs which is proven to fuel the bottom line, saving time, and boosting efficiency almost instantly after its launch.


P1M1 Cash+ is Simpler

You can save up to 30% of your ATM vault cash management costs, including operations, CIT cost, and interest payable, through sophisticated cost forecasting and optimization algorithms.

Effective Cash Management

Cash+ provides one of the highest predictive accuracies in the industry. In addition to being a cloud-based solution, CASH+ is also available for rapid on-site deployment.

P1M1 Cash+ is Better

By continuously analyzing ATM profiles via their variable data, such as past demands, current trends, seasonality, holidays, and up-to- date events, Cash+ provides replenishment schedules and order recommendations for each ATM at minimized cost.

Tier 1 US Bank ATM Cash Optimization

See how residual cash levels in an ATM network have decreased by 26% on a yearly basis.

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